Kismet Yesterdays is a Shadowrun 4E campaign set in 2072 Seattle. While some of the players are new to the setting, they are all experienced role players, comfortable with thematic, character-driven play and who are each capable world-builders in their own rights.

It was, in fact, an act of kismet – or socio-psychological empathy – that caused the players to seperately build characters centered around a single thing: their pasts. While it could be argued that cyberpunk is a genre of the future – where man meets machine – or even of the present – where the main actors are constantly in motion, rebelling against the very idea of a deterministic past – the heroes of Kismet Yesterday are inextricably tied to days gone by. They are haunted by those they’ve lost, cast under the shadow of their past accomplishments and failures, and driven to survive because (or in spite) of the days gone by.

Kismet Yesterdays